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The Shoals of Time  by  P. Orin Zack

The Shoals of Time by P. Orin Zack
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Its 2291, more than a century since mankind finally made peace with itself. With skill and technology, agents of the Temporal Planning Commission spot trouble and gently divert conflicts before they erupt. But if Atlan stage magician Ari Khalik doesnt stop them soon, his colony world will die. With the help of a freighter captain and a renegade TPC agent, Khalik came to Earth to plead his case, which was how Healer Gillian Thomas ended up in a forced coma from an impossible drug reaction.

Both sides thought that she was just another pawn in the game, until she twisted causality and changed the rules. The Shoals of Time is a multi-threaded tale that traces the widening ripples of the splash made when Healer Thomas former contract mate is blasted into the TimeStream by a man hed thought was his friend. It follows Gillians desperate search for help and how it caused 19th century mystic Mark Rosnet, to lead a band of 20th century science fiction fans across time to rescue her from the man whod killed her former lover and spearheaded Khaliks silent revolution.

People from 1864 to 2378 are drawn into this maelstrom of warped causality, their separate event chains tangling with one another until each breaks free and finds its own ending.

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