Prepper Survival: A Beginners Guide to Bugging Out Mike Wallace



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Prepper Survival: A Beginners Guide to Bugging Out  by  Mike Wallace

Prepper Survival: A Beginners Guide to Bugging Out by Mike Wallace
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Amazon Best Seller in the Disaster Relief Category!Should a natural disaster strike near your home, are you prepared? This prepper survival guide takes readers through the basics of what it means to be a prepper, setting up a bug-out bag (together with advice on what should be in it), picking a bug-out location, creating a bug-out shelter, storing food, developing a disaster, and some basics of self-defense. All in all a great introduction for those interested in disaster preparedness who are wondering where--or how--to get started.

Read inside Prepper Survival:What does it mean to be a Prepper?Packing a Bug-Out BagPicking a Bug-Out LocationHow to Create a Bug-Out ShelterHow to Store FoodHow to Create a Disaster PlanA Basic Guide to Self-DefenseHow to Survive Various DisastersCustomer Reviews:Has some excellent advice on prepping for any type of disaster. I am not an alarmist by any means but the USN in me suggests that it is prudent to be prepared in the event of....

Highly recommended! - Navy VetThis little book gave me some great ideas for how to prepare for the coming financial Armageddon. Well-worth the read. - Troy SmithMost people know that trusting in Uncle Sam when a disaster happens is not good enough. By learning survival techniques and packing a bug-out bag, you can be much more prepared than most people are. Read Prepper Survival today to learn how to prepare for the future--whatever it might hold!Prepper Survival is over 5700 words in length.

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