Why Im Right Jeff Adler


Published: October 15th 2013

Kindle Edition

348 pages


Why Im Right  by  Jeff Adler

Why Im Right by Jeff Adler
October 15th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 348 pages | ISBN: | 5.73 Mb

Now more than ever, Conservatism is needed. Americans need to re-educate themselves on the fundamentals of history, the Founders, the Constitution and what it means to be an American, from scratch. Politics and the difference between the two major parties can be understood.In this down-to-earth political study, the philosophical differences between liberalism and conservatism, along with the origins of their current forms, are explored.

Jeff Adler discusses the left-leaning culture Americans live in, including the level of hedonism, the plight of minorities, and the rapid increase in negative cultural indicators like drug use, abortion and divorce. Why Im Right looks at how damaging the new cultural norms have become and how it is we got here.The current status of politics in our country is investigated, including the size of government and the entitlement culture and how they came to be so bloated, as well as how it compares to what our conservative Founding Fathers intended.

Discover the damage caused by political correctness, our poor immigration policy, and the attacks on anything truly American. The destructive tide of liberalism must be stopped. The mainstream medias connection to the Democrat Party is researched through recent history as well as the uprising of an alternative media to counterbalance its effects.

Why Im Right reveals the countrys historic right-leaning values and how the liberal media has helped to move the country leftward. Educate yourself on the historical values of America and the results of a continued assault on those values.

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